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William Pote

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William Pote

Bill Pote laid the foundations for his career with an education that included studies in economics and finance at Long Island University Drexel University, respectively. Eight years after graduating with his degree from Drexel University, Bill Pote went on to create the company MegaPhase, LLC. Specializing in test and measurement cables, radio frequency cables, and connectors and adaptors, MegaPhase has built a strong reputation for dependable products. In fact, Pote’s company is so respected that its products have even been used in the most stressful and unpredictable of endeavors: space exploration. Preceded by a period of rigorous radiation, vibration, and thermal shock tests, the Groove Tube cable assemblies manufactured by Pote’s firm were used in the Japanese Hayabusa space probe. Making history for space exploration and MegaPhase, Hayabusa is unique. A representation of the best in international technology, it was designed to land on an asteroid and then re-launch. The spacecraft launched in 2003, landed on its destination asteroid in 2005, and returned to Earth in 2010—meaning Bill Pote’s MegaPhase cables logged an impressive 7 years in space. According to scientists, the asteroid dust Hayabusa collected with the help of the GrooveTube should provide new information about the inception of our solar system 4.5 billion years ago. When he is not working, Bill Pote enjoys experimenting with new gadgets, computers, and home electronics. Pote also applies his love of innovation to his home, making frequent home improvements. When he reads, Bill Pote has favors the works of authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Kurt Vonnegut. Pote also supports a number of philanthropic causes, including Autism Speaks Inc., the Wounded Warriors Project, and the Fisher House Foundation, Inc.

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