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Griffith Laboratories

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Griffith Laboratories

Griffith Laboratories was established as a food science company in 1919. The founders were a father and son team, Enoch Luther Griffith and Carroll Ladd Griffith (C. L.). The company had its origins in a pharmaceutical business C. L. Griffith received from a family friend. Following World War I, however, C. L. and his father adapted the company and their ideas to fit the opportunities and needs of the era. Initially, Griffith Laboratories worked primarily with commercial bakeries and meat producers. Its goal was to create better-tasting, safer products, more quickly and efficiently. In the 1920s, it created specialty flavorings to use in making sausages, including liquid seasonings; introduced Prague Salt, used to quick-cure meats in Germany; and pioneered new processes for meat pumping. Each subsequent decade led to additional innovations designed to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Griffith Laboratories began its global expansion in the 1920s, opening a new facility in Toronto. From then on, and especially after C. L. Griffith’s son Dean Griffith took over the company in the 1960s, Griffith Laboratories continued to develop internationally, with branches in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Central America, and Asia. Now, the company continues to grow and pursue new concepts. In the 1990s, the company invested in new product lines that gave its customers access to targeted resources for the development of signature flavors. Custom Culinary, Technovations, and INNOVA have expanded the company’s offerings to customers all over the world.

After almost a century of change, Griffith Laboratories continues to influence food and food production with its innovation and dedication to its customers.

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