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Paul Ayoub

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Paul Ayoub

Paul Ayoub grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in a family where every member faced health challenges. He had an ongoing stuffy nose and kept a stash of tissues close by at all times. Paul Ayoub’s mother suffered from arthritis for many years. Sometimes, she felt so worn out by the end of the day that her husband carried her up the stairs. Mr. Ayoub’s father passed away from lung cancer at age 56, after smoking for much of his life. All these experiences shaped Mr. Ayoub’s perspective and resulted in him exploring a variety of evaluations and treatments. His mother later discovered she was allergic to beef and dairy, and when Mr. Ayoub found that he shared this allergy, he reconfigured his diet to address it.

Now living in Naugatuck, Connecticut, Paul Ayoub provides holistic health counseling to a variety of clients. He holds events and classes on a regular basis to share his knowledge of juicing and other dietary adjustments to improve health. Mr. Ayoub is in the process of working with a local chiropractor to help individuals in Naugatuck.

In 2004, Paul Ayoub spent a year away from Naugatuck to study holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. He learned about more than 100 theories related to diets, including concepts developed by Geneen Roth, David Wolfe, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr. David Katz. While there, he became an advocate of raw food. He encourages his clients to eat healthfully, cook from scratch, and avoid processed food. His website features numerous recipes to help individuals get started on the path to wellness. He includes recipes for a dandelion salad with a warm hazelnut vinaigrette, basic aduki beans, millet with roasted sunflower seeds, and ginger halibut with shredded daikon radish. Paul Ayoub is a Certified Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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