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Southern Concrete Raising

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Southern Concrete Raising

Based in Houston, Texas, Southern Concrete Raising specializes in concrete raising, repair, stabilization, leveling, mudjacking, and void filling. The company has experience in a variety of home applications, including driveways, walkways, steps, basements, garage floors, patios, and pool decks. Southern Concrete Raising also performs services for cities and municipalities, such as repairing sidewalks, city and private streets, school grounds, parks, and parking lots.

The company utilizes a strategic approach to rectifying concrete issues. First, the company surveys problem areas and assesses the cause of the damage. Southern Concrete Raising then identifies the specific areas that need to be addressed. Trained professionals then drill 1-1/2-inch wide holes through the immediate surface of the concrete with carbide/diamond-tipped drills, taking precaution to leave water lines, electrical cables, sewer pipes, and other subterranean infrastructure undisturbed. A mix of top-soil, Portland clay, and cement is pumped under hydraulic pressure into the hole until the trouble area is corrected. The company conducts water-running tests, static levels, and laser levels to ensure the area is even. Once satisfied, Southern Concrete Raising thoroughly cleans the work area and clients are able to use the surface immediately, or 12 hours later for driveways.

Southern Concrete Raising provides a viable alternative to concrete replacement, which can cost approximately 75% more than raising. The company upholds its work quality and durability through a one-year warranty. It has also received an endorsement from Randy Lemon, a local news radio personality who hosts “The Garden Line” on AM 740 KTRH news radio. The company holds accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and received a Super Service Award from Angie’s List in 2011.

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