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Ramachandra Hosmane

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Ramachandra Hosmane

Scientist Dr. Ramachandra Hosmane’s research concentrates on the synthesis of biochemical compounds based on novel ring-expanded (“fat”) purine and ring-contracted (“slim”) pyrimidine nucleotides and nucleosides and their potential to fight cancer and several viruses. For these and other research efforts, Dr. Hosmane has received millions of dollars in grants from the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Hosmane’s other main research interest concerns the creation of a viable blood substitute that could potentially save thousands of lives each year. Using synthetically modified hemoglobin, Dr. Hosmane’s goal is to develop a “universal blood substitute” that would eliminate the chronic worldwide blood shortage. This artificial blood could be stored in powder form at room temperature, would be free of viruses and bacteria, require no blood typing, and could quickly be transported to the scene of accidents and natural disasters. Dr. Hosmane hopes to use readily available saline solutions as a transfusion medium. The American Heart Association has awarded Dr. Ramachandra Hosmane a grant to pursue his research. Dr. Hosmane’s peers have recognized his scientific contributions, which have produced five awarded US patents and many other patent disclosures. He has published over 150 research articles in reputed international scientific journals and has delivered over 150 presentations and invited talks to fellow scientists and other colleagues. A retired Professor of Chemistry at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Dr. Ramachandra Hosmane currently devotes much of his time to his research. His additional responsibilities include reviewing grant applications for the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration and serving as a peer reviewer for numerous scientific journals including but not limited to the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Organic Chemistry, the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry.

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