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Salina Rahim

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Salina Rahim

At times, it may seem impossible to find just the right outfit for a young child. The design should be serviceable and longwearing, but still offer a fun and energetic sense that a child naturally possesses. However, one also wants to keep up with the times and what is considered to be "in." As a Los Angeles Fashion Designer, Salina Rahim has delved into this fiddly field, designing many children's clothes, most notably her line of chic children’s denim jeans with CandyLand Clothing for Kids. Being a fashion designer requires a sense of fresh creativity along with expertise. Salina Rahim's clothing designs for young children are both colorful and fun, while still being age appropriate and trendy. Salina Rahim has a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, and the relevant experience to go along with it. She is a current member of FGI (Fashion Group International). FGI, a formal organization since1930, has grown today to be a group with membership offered to both men and women alike, and the organization strives to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design. Ms. Rahim is also a current member of FBI (Fashion Business International). FBI, similarly like FGI, offers news, tools, and outreach to Fashion Designers around the globe within the Fashion Marketing and Design Industry. While she was attending school earning her Bachelor's degree, Salina Rahim was working as a Designer at CandyLand Clothing for Kids, where she was able to let her creative fashion sense come through and design her famed children’s jeans. Within one year at CandyLand, Salina Rahim came up with new concepts and models of her future clothing designs. Only time will show what original and inventive outfits she will design next. As proof for solely looking forward to the future, her favorite quote, "Always look ahead instead of the rearview window," wholly explains her perspective.

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