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Srinivas Anumolu

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Srinivas Anumolu

For more than two decades, Srinivas Anumolu has worked as a financial software engineer, Internet business strategist, and top-level executive for a wide variety of companies. Between 1994 and 1998, Srinivas Anumolu served as a Director with the New York Life Insurance Company. In this role, Srinivas Anumolu managed a number of the company’s multi-billion dollar portfolios, performing security analysis of corporate, mortgage-backed securities, and treasury bonds. Srinivas Anumolu also supervised a team of analysts and traders, steering the design and implementation of various computer-based financial tools. Before joining New York Life, Srinivas Anumolu worked as a Product Manager with financial software company Barra Inc. As a member of the Barra team, Srinivas Anumolu supported global investment professionals by maintaining business-critical portfolios and ensuring enterprise-wide risk management services. By dividing the company into two divisions, Core and Ventures, Barra Inc. maximizes its ability to make strategic investment decisions and specialize its services to best address the client’s needs. The Core division of Barra Inc. develops and sells portfolio and derivative risk management models and systems through its subsidiary Financial Engineering Associates, Inc. During his time as a Product Manager, Srinivas Anumolu gained in-depth knowledge of many of the products in the Core product suite, including The Barra Aegis System and Barra Risk Factor Analysis. The Ventures segment of Barra Inc. draws upon core research to develop new lines of business through strategic partnerships. During his time with Barra Inc., Srinivas Anumolu led a team of product managers and programmers designed to provide support to Barra Inc.’s considerable roster of clients from large financial institutions. Additionally, Srinivas Anumolu developed a number of Barra Inc.’s fixed-income models, including prepayment, collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), and mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Drawing upon his extensive background in statistics and mathematics, Srinivas Anumolu worked on a number of large-scale technology projects, conducting Monte Carlo simulations, regressions, time-series, and other mathematical methodologies.

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