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A maker of portable, floorboard, and electric heaters, Hydrosil helps customers lower their heating costs with its line of energy-efficient temperature control systems. The company's advanced heating systems use thermostats that contain microprocessors that sense both room temperature and the energy use of the heater. Whenever the microprocessor registers a change in room temperature, the heater responds with a proportional amount of power to manage the room's temperature and energy control to within a half a degree. Hydrosil heaters also contain a sealed copper compartment filled with a silicone liquid that never needs to be replaced. When a current is applied to the hydroelectric element inside the compartment, the silicone liquid begins to heat up and continues to do so even after the heating coil shuts off. Since each room can contain its own Hydrosil heater, consumers can set the temperature of every room separately, unlike with traditional gas furnaces that heat every room to the same temperature. This technology allows a Hydrosil heater system to use significantly less electricity when heating a home.

Hydrosil manufacturers its heaters at factories located in the U.S., China, and Canada. Hydrosil's 800,000-square-foot Fort Mill, South Carolina, plant houses the company's research and engineering departments and over 500 highly trained and dedicated employees. Every Hydrosil heater undergoes a series of rigorous safety and quality tests to ensure a lifetime of use. As an additional safety precaution, each Hydrosil heater contains a built-in temperature gauge and will automatically turn itself off if it is in danger of overheating. To ensure customer satisfaction, Hydrosil offers a lifetime warranty on all of its heating units. The number of Hydrosil customers has steadily increased since the company launched in 1978, and reached a high of 14 million in 2008.

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