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Apple Montessori Schools

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Apple Montessori Schools

Apple Montessori Schools offer preschool education throughout New Jersey, providing nontraditional learning environments with a high rate of success, both academic and otherwise. The Montessori educational approach, pioneered by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, works with children in a flexible but controlled environment, using freedom within limits to encourage healthy psychological development and independence. Students at Montessori schools engage in mixed-age classes, choose activities from a prescribed list, and learn through material discovery instead of direct instruction.

The first of the Apple Montessori Schools opened in 1971, founded by Scottish immigrant and Montessori teacher Jane Bailey and her husband, Rex Bailey. Dissatisfied with the traditional learning approaches available in northern New Jersey and motivated by her own children, Mrs. Bailey began the first Montessori-style school in the region.

Since founding Apple Montessori Schools, Jane Bailey and her family have helped pave the way for improvements in early childhood and elementary education. Her husband, Rex Bailey, currently serves as a two-term School Board President. Their four daughters, Pamela, Joanne, Vanessa, and Lynn, along with husbands Ronald and Robert, are continuing the Apple Montessori Schools and their mission of improved early education.

Programs available from the Apple Montessori Schools include infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary educational programs; extended educational activities like the FasTracKids program; and after-school and extracurricular activities such as karate, chess, dance, ceramics, gymnastics, soccer, and music. Apple Montessori Schools also offer After School Daycare and After School Extra Curricular programs, as well as a Summer Camp featuring arts and crafts, science and nature, aquatics, cooking, and a number of other fun and educational activities.

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