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Mona Moonis

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Mona Moonis

Mona Moonis creates winning global brand strategies for the pharmaceutical and medical product arenas. In this role, she leverages her highly diversified background and academic and professional experience in medical strategy and market conditioning. As a global product strategist and marketing executive for major global health care and dynamically engaged corporations, Mona Moonis brings a multifaceted professional history and rich degree of expertise to her work.

Ms. Moonis fulfills a broad range of responsibilities related to product launch, life cycle management, and external communications, including medical expert relationship building. Ms. Moonis brings to her work an ability to lead cross-functional teams, communicate with individuals inside and outside of the scientific professions, and contribute to the ongoing development of new products for the pharmaceutical marketplace.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Leadership of Cross-Functional Teams, Multi-Channel Marketing, Positioning Products, Developing and Managing Brands, Medical Education, Managing Product Launch and Life Cycle Management, and Global Product Strategy.

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