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Barbara Tfank

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Barbara Tfank

If you’re looking for absolute glamour on the red carpet, you need not look any further than clothing designer Barbara Tfank to deliver the goods. Barbara’s design has often been described as reminiscent of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” channeling legendary style icons of the past. Although she has on many occasions worked as a costume designer for movies and television, she is now well-known for her retro-modern design work. In 2001, Barbara Tfank launched her very own label, designing classic chic pieces that have elegance written all over them. One of the most outstanding features of Tfank’s clothing is not just the exceptional skill in design, but the gorgeous vintage fabrics she uses. Barbara Tfank has always been a fan of vintage textiles, collecting them for a very long time now. The fabrics she uses in her work are by some very legendary French textile houses such as Boussac. Boussac is known for being Christian Dior’s original backer as well as the source of the mountains of material used for his cutting edge 1947 New Look collection. A few years ago, Tfank got her hands on some choice pieces from legendary Lyonnaise textile maker, Bianchini Férier. Bianchini’s fabrics were used by designer Travis Banton, who created many sexy film costumes for Marlene Dietrich and Mae West in the 1930’s. Barbara Tfank also continues to work with Linton, the Scottish Borders knitwear manufacturer that supplied superlative suiting tweeds to Coco Chanel. These opulent international fabrics are utilized beautifully and with tremendous skill by Barbara Tfank, cut into soigné silhouettes that recall a time of pure class and elegance.

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