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Andon Baltakov

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Andon Baltakov

Devoted to strengthening the field of modern journalism, Bulgaria native Andon Baltakov has consistently undertaken the management and revitalization of substantial news organizations. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, Andon Baltakov embarked on an impressive career at a number of media ventures.

After 10 months with Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia, Andon Baltakov became the youngest individual to assume the position of News Producer for the most popular morning news program in Bulgaria. In this role, Andon Baltakov supervised a staff of eight writers and editors and guided the radio programs in expansion and quality of content. After three years in that position, Andon Baltakov relocated to the United Kingdom and acted as a News Producer for BBC World Service, where he gained additional experience in the management of material and the composition of news pieces. Subsequently, Andon Baltakov acted as a News Correspondent for BBC World Service in New York and conducted a number of interviews with prominent politicians. In his capacity as Managing Editor of Nedelnik Press, he implemented a number of methods to restructure the publication’s newsroom practices. Over a period of 12 months, Andon Baltakov improved profit and loss considerably and increased circulation by 20 percent.

After these leadership positions, Andon Baltakov endeavored to expand his abilities in the management arena and enrolled in the Yale School of Management. He obtained a Master of Business Administration in Corporate Strategy and secured employment with The Associated Press in New York City as Strategic Planning Manager. After succeeding in his initial position, Andon Baltakov earned a promotion and undertook his present role as Deputy Director of Corporate Strategy. A talented media executive with over a decade of experience in journalism, Andon Baltakov resides in Connecticut.

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