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Dr. Michael Staley

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Dr. Michael Staley

Licensed physician and urological expert Dr. Michael C. Staley currently serves the residents of Asheville, North Carolina, for all medical issues regarding urinary tracts in men and women and the male reproductive system. Dr. Michael C. Staley also possesses skill in surgical procedures used for the management of cancers, the treatment of kidney stones and other surgeries involving the kidney, ureter, bladder and male and female genitalia. Additionally, Dr. Staley is trained and experienced in the use of robotic and laparascopic surgery. A Partner at Asheville Urological Associates, Inc., Dr. Michael C. Staley joined the business in 2000 after serving as Chief Resident of Urology at the Medical University of South Carolina. Initially, Dr. Michael C. Staley began at the private practice as an Associate. Three years later, he gained further responsibilities on the administrative and medical fronts of Asheville Urological Associates and became a Partner. Dr. Michael C. Staley possesses a background in chemistry, business, and medicine. With a BS from University of South Carolina, an MBA from Georgia State University, and an MD from Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Michael C. Staley understands the business side of the industry, as well as the medical practice. Utilizing his comprehensive experience, Dr. Michael C. Staley also operated as a Consultant for the North Carolina Medical Board’s Expert Review Panel from 2006 to 2008.

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