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Yitzchak Tessler

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Yitzchak Tessler

President of Tessler Developments LLC and WBB Construction, Inc., Yitzchak Tessler has been a successful entrepreneur in the real estate and wholesale diamond industry for more than 35 years. Tessler's first business, Transvaal Diamonds, was at one time the biggest manufacturers of diamonds in the world. In 2002, a year after opening Tessler Developments, Mr. Tessler left the diamond industry behind to focus on real estate.

Originally, Tessler Developments relied on outside contractors to create their projects; however, in 2006, Tessler opened WBB Construction as a way of cutting out the middleman. Currently, WBB Construction handles the contracting details of all projects undertaken by Tessler Developments. This allows the company to complete projects without delays or other issues that often come up in a subcontracting relationship.

Tessler Developments has successfully purchased, developed, managed, and sold numerous building projects in the New York City area. Other executive members of the highly successful Tessler Developments team include Ari Herrmann, Refael Tessler, Efraim Tessler, Tom Link, and David Rabins.

When Yitzchak Tessler goes home from a busy day at the office, he enjoys relaxing through a variety of hobbies such as sailing, reading, scuba diving, and art collecting.

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