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Paul Katsus

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Paul Katsus

Business professional Paul Katsus has provided the Greater Houston Area with quality service both in business and in the community for over 16 years. A long-time area resident, Paul Katsus graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from Houston Baptist University in 1992. Since 1994, Paul Katsus has served as a Service Consultant for the private utility company CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint Energy supplies electricity to the Houston metropolitan area, along with maintaining natural gas services and power distribution in the eastern half of United States. At CenterPoint Energy, Paul Katsus helps customers map out their electrical needs and designs and oversees electrical distribution facilities both above and below ground, in order to meet an area’s electrical service requirements.

Beyond his work for CenterPoint Energy, Paul Katsus affiliates with several professional organizations that benefit his profession and the larger community. Among these organizations is Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International serves as a forum through which people like Paul Katsus can improve their public speaking abilities and become empowered to act as leaders in their communities. Paul Katsus also holds membership in the Energy & Utility Contractors Association (EUCA), a union contractors’ association. Representing contractors in the energy and public utility sectors, the EUCA assists contractors in securing work and establishing a middle ground between energy companies, unions, and the government.

Outside of the professional sphere, Paul Katsus also supports a number of charities in the Greater Houston Area. In particular, Paul Katsus donates to the American Heart Association, Inc. and United Way Worldwide. In his spare time, Paul Katsus enjoys soccer, golf, and fishing, as well as reading books by his favorite authors, Margaret Mitchell and Jules Verne. Currently, Paul Katsus resides in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas.

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