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William Zelaya

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William Zelaya

Investors Trust Assurance, SPC., guided by its Board of Directors, including Director William Zelaya, offers clients international investment opportunities through a multitude of products. The highly rated institution is particularly qualified for this specific financial venture not only because of its experience with global markets but also due to its registration as a Cayman Islands insurance company. William Zelaya and Investors Trust have access to nearly 100 international mutual funds not normally available to all investors. The stringent auditing process involved with such registration was undertaken because of the status of the regulatory organization of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. As a model for offshore financial centers, the organization requires companies to “not only show their profitability, but have a solid long-term business strategy,” according to Zelaya.

As part of its compliance with the policies and procedures of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, Investors Trust was required to hire an approved accounting firm to perform annual audits of the company's business and finances. Since the company’s inception in 2002, Investors Trust hired one of the four largest international accountancy and professional services firms.

With this infrastructure in place, William Zelaya and the rest of the Investors Trust team are attracting clients interested in international investment. The company is confident that clients will recognize the allure of availability to high-quality mutual funds through investment-linked insurance plans. Zelaya has said that these plans are “suitable to international clients looking to invest in international investment-linked insurance markets and who want to diversify their investment-linked insurance portfolios.”

Investors Trust’s financial strategies also draw clients because the company works with some of the world’s top finance advisors. This capability comes from the open architecture system it has installed that harnesses the networking capability of the internet. William Zelaya points to clients' ability to access their account online, allowing them to control the variety of available investment opportunities.

With a global mindset, William Zelaya and Investors Trust have set up administrative offices in Hong Kong and Uruguay. Zelaya is also focusing on the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America with a realization of the need for customer support services in the local language in order to meet the company’s customer service philosophy.

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