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Louis Borrelli

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Louis Borrelli

Based in Purchase, New York, Louis Borrelli serves as Principal of Payment Alliance International (PAI), founded by Greg Sahrmann, Bill Blakey, and John J. Leehy, III in 2005. The company provides credit, debit, ATM, and other electronic payment products and services. Mr. Borrelli’s company, which earned recognition as the 2011 Independent Sales Organization of the Year, also has an online store and a repair center.

Louis Borrelli and his associates aim to help clients benefit as much as possible from electronic payments in the areas of education, security, and profitability. For example, Payment Alliance International analyzes the best places to install ATMs in order to maximize earnings from surcharges. Payment Alliance International focuses on making the ATM process convenient for customers, thus increasing earnings from surcharges. Louis Borrelli's company serves as the largest non-bank provider of ATMs, offering more than 50,000 machines across the United States. Its real-time analytics, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, measure terminal activity, revenue generation, and the amounts of ACH (Automated Clearing House) deposits or checks.

Louis Borrelli and his team also place a premium on efficient and cost-effective ATM maintenance. Daily reports reveal to staff when ATM transactions are not completed during a certain time frame. If an ATM is not performing to optimal standards, highly trained customer service representatives address the situation, using real-time diagnosis methods. The average hold time for customers needing assistance is 12 seconds. If the situation cannot be resolved remotely, a repair technician will be sent to the location within 24 to 48 hours. The company keeps a warehouse of parts from major ATM brands, including Hyosung, Tidel, and Triton. Louis Borrelli's technicians keep most common parts in their vans at all times, reducing the need for time delay in ordering parts. Payment Alliance International offers packages that include labor, parts, and supplies.

Louis Borrelli graduated with a business degree from the University of Rhode Island. A golf enthusiast, he serves on the Board of the Tri-State Italian-American Congress. Mr. Borrelli holds membership in the Chamber of Commerce at the local and regional levels, including those in Stamford and Port Chester-Rye Brook-Rye Town, both in Connecticut.

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