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Adam Radly

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Adam Radly

An accomplished entrepreneur and native of Australia, Adam Radly currently serves as CEO of Inova Technology, Inc. Based in Las Vegas, Inova is a technology company that provides enterprise level network solutions for corporate and government customers and also manufactures and distributes proprietary RFID (radio frequency identification) equipment. Adam Radly joined the company in 2005 when it was essentially a shell, and initiated a period of sustained growth that resulted in revenues rising from $400,000 to $22 million in just three years through a combination of organic growth and acquisition.

Prior to Inova Technology, Adam Radly founded Isis Communications Limited in 1997. A broadcast services and multimedia firm established in Australia, Isis Communications provided outside broadcasting services of major sporting events in Australia for major American television networks such as NBC, ESPN, and CBS. The events included the Sydney Olympic Games, the Australian Open Tennis, and the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix among many others. Isis completed an IPO in 1999 and raised $50 million with a market capitalization of $140 million. Adam Radly was the founder, the CEO and the largest shareholder. Following the IPO, Adam Radly raised an additional $40 million of from US-based institutional investors in 2000. When combined with a small amount of debt raised from local banks, Adam Radly had raised more than $100 million for Isis. Isis merged with one of its competitors in 2002.

Adam Radly is also very active in a number of charitable pursuits. He was a founder of the Australian chapter of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund ("NMCF") in 2000 and serves as a board member. Other board members include the former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, who serves as the Patron of NMCF Australia. The organization is dedicated to the funding and development of programs benefiting children in need. The original Chapter was founded by Nelson Mandela in 1994. Adam Radly also founded the Radly Center (www.RadlyCenter.org), a nonprofit organization that provides aid to small villages in developing nations. Among other endeavors, the Radly Center established a medical facility in Mali, established the popular volunteer program MADin15 (make a difference in 15 minutes - www.MADin15.org), the disaster relief service Unified Help (www.UnifiedHelp.org), and Rising Nations (www.RisingNations.org), a program that helps developing nations to grow by increasing exports.

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