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Salah Izzedin

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Salah Izzedin

With a Master of Business Administration from New York City’s Columbia School of Business, Salah Izzedin has held several distinguished positions. After graduating, he founded Latina Oil Corporation. Salah Izzedin subsequently became CEO and President of Oceanic Oil Corporation. He currently serves as CEO of the restaurant chain Texas de Brazil.

In 1998, Salah Izzedin opened his first restaurant in Addison, Texas. Integrating Brazilian cuisine with Texas-style dining in 16 different cities, Salah Izzedin has built a well-respected name for his company. Izzedin’s restaurants have received numerous awards from around the country for their unique and delicious menu, as well as their classy atmosphere and exceptional service.

Prior to becoming a restaurateur, Salah Izzedin spent more than a decade in the oil industry, working with two prominent international oil corporations. Mr. Izzedin then utilized his entrepreneurial skills yet again, embarking on an entertainment-industry venture in Texas. Although the enterprises experienced profitability and recognition—including attention from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous—Salah Izzedin dissociated from his entertainment endeavors to pursue a career in the restaurant business.

Family owned and operated Texas de Brazil is now one of the nation’s leading churrascarias with branches in Texas, Tennessee, Aruba, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, and Louisiana. Serving a variety of flame-grilled meat, unique side dishes, freshly made vegetables and salads, award-winning wines, and delectable Brazilian-inspired desserts, Texas de Brazil has earned a first-class reputation in the restaurant industry.

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