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Rezolve Group

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Rezolve Group

Committed to assisting students seeking financial aid for their postsecondary education, the Rezolve Group is the leading national authority on state, military and federal student aid programs. Founded by entrepreneur Craig Carroll in 2007 in Sacramento, California, the Rezolve Group has helped families access millions of dollars in student aid. Its Access for All® program has provided free FAFSA preparation and college planning services to more than 20,000 students from low-income households.

Students seeking financial aid first need to learn all their options. With nine federal, 16 military, and 605 state financial aid programs available, it can be difficult for students to know where to begin. Rezolve provides technologies and services to families, universities and major corporations that can assist individuals in understanding college affordability and applying for student financial aid.

For the past 20 years, the company’s subsidiary, Student Financial Aid Services, Inc. has assisted families to apply for and complete their required financial aid forms. Adopting a model very similar to a professional tax preparer, the company provides a user-friendly and intuitive way for students and parents to file their FAFSA online. Users of the site have unlimited access to professional Student Aid Advisors during the submission process and throughout the academic year. In addition, each application submitted by a user through their service undergoes a personal review by a Student Aid Advisor to ensure accuracy and completeness. Advisors often reach out to clients who have used their online service and engage in additional consultations to ensure accuracy and maximize aid. Correctly preparing a FAFSA can take time and overwhelm some applicants. Research studies have determined that nearly two million students each year do not apply for aid because the process is perceived as difficult and complex.

Another Rezolve subsidiary, Student Aid Services, Inc., provides post-secondary educational institutions with net price calculator technology that calculates a student’s aid eligibility, net price, and out of pocket costs for their education. This technology can be used by admissions counselors to determine the long-term cost of loans and individual financial aid eligibility to help students make the best long-term plans. By helping students understand the true cost of their education and make informed decisions, Student Aid Services assists students in addressing the important issue of college affordability. To learn about the Rezolve Group’s mission and services, please visit www.rezolvegroup.com.

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