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Pierjean Albrecht

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Pierjean Albrecht

Dr. Pierjean Albrecht serves as the founder of Transform magazine, a publication which offers informative articles on health, wellness, and cosmetic and plastic surgery topics. Dr. Albrecht currently serves as Editor and Contributor to the magazine. With an interest in research, he has published a number of scholarly articles in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, and the French Journal de Pharmacie Clinique.

As an expert practitioner of cosmetic and plastic surgery, Dr. Pierjean Albrecht has shared his research and experiences at more than 200 conferences in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. An alumnus of Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, Dr. Albrecht earned his Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery in 2001. While attending the university he published his research thesis, "Lasers in Cutaneous Therapy and Plastic Aesthetic Surgery." Additionally, he pursued specialized training in advanced surgery.

Dr. Pierjean Albrecht has also spent time at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he worked in the field of rhinoplasty with renowned Professor Armando Gonzalez. While in Guadalajara, Dr. Pierjean Albrecht taught as an Invited Professor in the E.N.T. Specialists Academic Program at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara.

Previously, Dr. Pierjean Albrecht served as Director of a highly honored a clinic in Spain. The clinic offered a wide range of services that included cosmetic and plastic surgery, orthodontics, gynecology, and orthopedic surgery. At present, he often serves as an expert witness in matters concerning cosmetic and plastic surgery.

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