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Nuclea Biotechnologies

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Nuclea Biotechnologies

Nuclea Biotechnologies is a company in the health care industry that studies protein expression profiles and abnormalities in gene sequences that characterize a particular person's disease or tumor. Nuclea Biotechnologies places a focus on determining what therapies can be utilized to treat a specific individual's disease as well as the likelihood of the disease reoccurring. Nuclea Biotechnologies is developing ways to combat some cancers through the study of genes and proteins in the human body.

Mammography is a widely known and frequently used technique to identify the possible existence of breast cancer. While this technology has its advantages, there are some limitations in regard to detection of tumors and side effects. Nuclea Biotechnologies has developed a more targeted approach to finding the existence of breast cancer that may provide an advantage over mammography alone.

Employing DecisionDx-platform technology, Nuclea Biotechnologies has achieved a form of detection that locates distinct genetic markers that are both protein- and serum-based. This innovation has the ability to bring attention to the existence of early stage breast cancer. This can help patients who have a suspicious or abnormal structural change in an area where it is challenging to diagnose. Combining this process with other existing imaging models, Nuclea Biotechnologies can increase the effectiveness of detection. Additional studies are ongoing regarding imaging the usefulness of Nuclea Biotechnologies assays with methods such as breast MRI, secondary mammography, or ultrasound.

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