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Hotel Blue Moon NYC

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Hotel Blue Moon NYC

As one of the top hotels in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City, Hotel Blue Moon reviews have appeared in the Villager, TripFilms, Los Angeles Times, CitySearch, The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Forward, International Herald Tribune, and more. Built as an apartment facility in 1879, the apartment units in the Hotel Blue Moon building became empty in the 1930s during the La Guardia housing legislature. The building was eventually purchased in 2000 by artist Randy Settenbrino, also a real estate broker in New York City, who has since renovated the historic building into what it is today. The Hotel Blue Moon remains a family business, with Settenbrino?s brother doing renovations, his mother working in reception, and his wife working as Owner, Controller, Designer, and Assistant General Manager. The Hotel Blue Moon was opened in 2006 after five years of renovation.

Every Hotel Blue Moon room is named for a famous figure from the 1920s to 1940s, such as Jimmy Durante, George Raft, Duke Ellington, Fanny Brice, Marx Brothers, and others. With 22 hotel rooms, the Hotel Blue Moon also offers guests plenty of space and higher than average ceilings that are 10 to 14 feet tall. Several rooms also feature balconies, period furniture, and other antiques.

The Hotel Blue Moon in New York City does not neglect the more modern services available to guests, such as television, a DVD player, air conditioning, iPod chargers, and more. The hotel website can also be used to initiate, cancel, or manage a reservation, and features discount programs, a digital photo album, and a guide to local attractions. Depending on the room and services, the Hotel Blue Moon charges between $225 and $1000+ per night.

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