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D&M Leasing

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D&M Leasing

Texas drivers looking for a new vehicle have an excellent resource in D&M Leasing, a Dallas-based business that provides more consumer auto leases on a daily basis than any other company in the country. Though more Americans today buy cars rather than lease, the latter is becoming an increasingly attractive option. D&M Leasing facilitates this trend by providing exceptional customer service, believing that many individuals who drive purchased cars would profit from transitioning to a lease arrangement. Leasing offers many benefits over vehicle ownership. In general, leasing a vehicle is cheaper than financing a purchase over the same period of time, and D&M Leasing saves its customers even more by passing along the volume discounts that the company receives. In addition, purchasing a car can be a time-consuming process of going from dealership to dealership, but D&M Leasing eliminates this inconvenience by simply allowing customers to choose desired options at its website, www.dmautoleasing.com. Clients can select any combination of make, model, and features, and if D&M Leasing does not already have that precise vehicle in its inventory, then the company obtains such a car from a dealer. The company also offers door-to-door delivery, meaning the client never has to leave home. By facilitating leasing in these ways, D&M Leasing helps customers take advantage of another major benefit of the process: frequent vehicle change. Many drivers prefer new cars, but purchasing a new car every two or three years can become expensive. D&M Leasing customers do not have to worry about selling or trading in their old cars when they are ready to upgrade. Instead, they simply return their vehicles to the company when their leases end and then lease newer vehicles. The company is proud to report that more than 70 percent of its business comes from repeat customers and referrals, illustrating the company’s record of superior customer satisfaction.

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