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Ari Ellenbogen

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Ari Ellenbogen

Since 2008, Ari Ellenbogen has provided technical information and support to customers in the Greenwich, Connecticut, area. Ari Ellenbogen's company, E G Tech Solutions LLC, takes its name from "exempli gratia," Latin for "for example." With "leading by example" as its motto, E G Tech Solutions prides itself on excellence. As owner and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ellenbogen goes out of his way to utilize beneficial solutions that are often neglected by competing IT service providers.

Mr. Ellenbogen and the team at E G Tech Solutions build custom computers for their clients, presenting a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a name brand. Mr. Ellenbogen builds machines that are highly powerful while avoiding the excessive prices that clients might otherwise spend on a computer bearing a manufacturer's logo. E G Tech Solutions provides support for both hardware and software and can work on components or programs from any era. Ari Ellenbogen also develops websites for companies in a variety of fields, and to improve performance, he offers reliable data and communication options using fiber optics or Cat3, Cat5, or Cat6 cable. In addition, E G Tech Solutions installs and provides upkeep on surveillance systems.

Outside of his work, Ari Ellenbogen dedicates much of his time to helping those in need. He provides his technical capabilities to a number of nonprofit groups, such as Boy Scout Troop 100 and the Connecticut Yankee Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Ellenbogen assists neighbors whose homes have suffered storm damage, and he often helps senior citizens with around-the-house tasks. He provides roadside assistance to drivers through Advanced Roadside Service, and as an Eagle Scout, Ari Ellenbogen was honored with the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award for commitment to community. He also created a documentary geared toward educating senior citizens about fire safety. He has received commendations at the local and state level for his community involvement.

Mr. Ellenbogen is an enthusiastic handyman; he enjoys home improvement projects and working with new technology. He also takes pleasure in the outdoors and goes sailing and skiing when the weather allows.

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