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Course Hero

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Course Hero

Course Hero, Inc. was founded in 2008 as a tool to supplement college courses and help students learn more effectively. Based on the premise that peer collaboration is crucial to the learning experience, Course Hero encourages its users to leverage the website to collaborate and share resources, whether flash card sets, expert tutor help or relevant course materials.

With free basic membership and a subscription option that costs less than the price of a textbook, Course Hero strives to make high quality educational resources available to anyone who wants to learn. At present, the website's strength lies in educational materials for college students; however, Course Hero is evolving to bring high quality content and learning tools to students of all ages.

In 2011, Course Hero began to expand its product offering beyond the college space. The launch of Course Hero Flashcards in the fall, a customizable Flashcards app that allows students to browse or create sets and quiz themselves, marked the company's first foray into the K-12 space. In 2012, Course Hero will introduce its optimized learning system that will develop personalized study programs for students complete with guided assessment and advancement functionality. The company also plans to integrate more interactive content, leveraging video lectures and dynamic assessment tools to transform the Course Hero experience from a study tool to a complete learning ecosystem for students of all ages.

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