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CMC Makeup School

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CMC Makeup School

With locations currently open in Huntington Beach, California, as well as Dallas and Austin, Texas, CMC Makeup School offers high-quality training for makeup artists, including certification and portfolio building assistance. CMC Makeup School focuses on makeup education as well as professional development and career training. The school employs a staff of experienced professional makeup artists as instructors who pass on their years of training and experience to their students. With small classes capped at six members, the school gives each student personalized attention and time throughout the training process. CMC Makeup School offers a broad range of classes, including courses in the fundamentals, advanced classes in airbrush techniques in both makeup and tanning, editorial makeup training, and marketing courses. At the conclusion of each class, participants receive a certificate of completion that aids them in qualifying for discounts as professional makeup artists and improves eligibility for jobs. These certificates also greatly improve an artist's portfolio.

Students learn the skills they need to provide makeup for all occasions, including weddings, retail work, private clients, runway work, movies, videos, television, and special events. The school trains beginners and also provides more advanced training for makeup artists looking to improve or diversify their skills. Instructors balance hands-on practicing of techniques with information about products, tools, and career management to give students a complete experience. Most classes include photo shoots with professional photographers to help individuals expand their portfolios and demonstrate their skills to potential clients. Students also receive makeup kits for their courses as well as other materials.

CMC Makeup School has recently opened a location in Austin, Texas, expanding its offerings across the state. With a strong reputation for customer service, the school earned a 2011 Customer Satisfaction Award for Excellence in Customer Care.

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