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Nick Gable

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Nick Gable

Nick Gable is striving to be the modern renaissance man. His interests range from search engine optimization to mixed martial arts, physiology, social psychology, philosophy, music theory, and traveling. Nick is currently employed at Reputation.com, where he is a search and social media specialist. He also has an extensive knowledge of web2.0, social media, and trends in ecommerce and search engine technology.

Nick received his formal education at Santa Clara university, where he received his B.S. in psychobiology with an emphasis in social psychology in 2010. He has co-authored two academic papers in the field of social/organizational psychology, and was a graduate of the University's Honors Program.

Nick Gable has also been active in sports from his early childhood. At age 12 Nick won the title of National Champion from the ITC federation of Tae Kwon Do. At Santa Clara, Nick became an avid fitness and health buff and self-proclaimed strength geek. Currently he is a white belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Nick can be found on any and all major social networks, and also currently runs a number of blogs and websites on various subjects.

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