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The Boosterthon Fun Run helps raise funds for schools and other organizations through a unique fitness event that also builds character among its participants. Eschewing typical fundraisers that sell products either on campus or door-to-door, Boosterthon raises money through tax-deductible pledges from friends and family based on a per-lap or flat donation amount at their fitness events. Driven to strengthen schools directly through their students, teachers, administrators, and parent organizations, Boosterthon helps forge a positive culture within the school community.

A typical Boosterthon program lasts nine days and involves three separate segments. First, a Pep Rally engages the student body in an exciting, assembly-style event. Second, five-minute presentations in each classroom speak to students about building character. Finally, on the day of the Fun Run, all students gather to participate in the main event, the Boosterthon Fun run, where they run to lively music, sport Boosterthon t-shirts, and enjoy cheers from their parents and teachers.

Boosterthon promotes a number of different reasons why their Fun Runs make an impact on the student body and community. The company provides financial results that see 70% more funds raised than through typical sales methods. Through its hassle-free approach, Boosterthon handles all the details so schools can focus on education. A key differentiator includes Boosterthon’s commitment to character building through programs that utilize teaching methods and a fresh theme each year. Because child fitness remains an important issue in the United States today, organizing a Fun Run not only encourages engagement but also health. Boosterthon Fun Runs include each student at the school and characterize family-friendly events. Fundraising for over 10 years, Boosterthon remains committed to making their programs more effective year-after-year, so schools profit and have more fun each program.

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