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Work experience:
Work as Matlab programmer as freelancer. See my site http://simulations.narod.ru/ .It is students Matlab tasks in general. There was big non-student projects: welding process, hemodialysis unit simulation, electrostatic comb driver, quaternion visualization, passive radar simulation, traffic jam simulation, handwritten digits recognition using artificial neural networks, EUR/USD prediction using genetic programming, theoretical learning of NaCl electrolysis with AC current . I am familiar with following fields of technical programming: digital signal processing, linear filters theory, Fourier transform, Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic algorithm, clustering tasks k-means, k-nearest, dimension reduction PCA, RBM, numerical solution of differential equations, Runge-Kutta method, finite difference method, spectral method, finite element method, Matlab solvers, work with sound, note frequency formula, sound synthesis.
Java: Particle swarm optimization (console application), sound visualization as droplets drop on the water surface (GUI)
C# : notes recognition from piano sound (GUI)
С++ : detection of sound source position from sound delay on microphones (console aplication), chords recognition from their sound (console application)


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