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Dr. Greg Fors

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Dr. Greg Fors

A board-certified chiropractic neurologist, Dr. Greg Fors applies science-based, drug-free methods to treat chronic pain, fatigue, tension, and other related health concerns. Dr. Fors is certified in applied herbal sciences, chiropractic neurology, and acupuncture. Dr. Fors owns and manages the Brain and Pain Healing Center in Blaine, Minnesota, where he draws on over 25 years of experience in functional medicine for treating complex neurological and physiological disorders. Some of the conditions he specializes in treating are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, arthritis, depression, and Autism. Dr. Greg Fors also invented the Fenix Self-Care Therapy System, which utilizes acupressure and trigger point therapy techniques to improve recovery for low back, neck and shoulder myofascial pain.

Dr. Greg Fors also offers diet and lifestyle modification counseling through the Brain and Pain Healing Center. Highly experienced in nutritional medicine, Dr. Fors helps patients improve their daily functioning and digestion by removing dietary toxins and allergens. Dr. Fors' book, Why We Hurt, represents another of his creative contributions within the holistic wellness field. Published in 2007, the book approaches chronic pain from a practical, spiritual, and nutritional standpoint in order to empower readers and help them take charge of their health.

Dr. Greg Fors is a member of a number of professional organizations in connection with his practice, including the Northwestern College of Chiropractic Alumni Association and several institutions with postgraduate research programs. Dr. Fors also maintains membership in the American Holistic Medical Association, the American Pain Society, and the Institute of Functional Medicine. Outside of his professional activities, Dr. Greg Fors rounds out an active lifestyle with outdoor pastimes such as hiking, sailing, and cross-country skiing.

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