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RW Lynch Company, Inc.

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RW Lynch Company, Inc.

RW Lynch Company Inc. was established in 1984 as the first nationwide group advertising program for attorneys. Today the San Ramon, California, company continues to offer inventive marketing strategies tailored to the needs of personal injury lawyers throughout the United States.

RW Lynch's sustained record of success for its clients is due to two primary factors: cutting-edge knowledge of the science and art of marketing, and the buying leverage provided by its broad base of partner law firms. RW Lynch provides its program members with exclusive area ownership, which translates to 100 percent of advertising responses for a specific neighborhood or region going directly to the client attorney who subscribes there.

Through national advertising platforms, RW Lynch facilitates exceptional attorney connections for millions of Americans, many of whom have avoided seeking attorney assistance because of confusion about how to find the right lawyer. In addition to television advertising, RW Lynch offers an Internet-focused approach. This reflects the large shift away from traditional yellow pages by consumers over the past decade.

RW Lynch offers prospective clients a no-cost, customized report that measures advertising results in the clients' specific neighborhoods. The report includes access to the web landing pages that clients' potential customers will view prior to contacting the personal injury law firm in that area. In addition, RW Lynch provides an interactive map, showing exact region locations. This allows firms to select the most desirable locales, which may be near a troublesome freeway interchange or a community hospital. Finally, the report includes testimonials of practicing lawyers who have benefited from RW Lynch's marketing and advertising service. The free report can be requested simply by visiting RWLynch.com and following the prompts to "Request More Information."

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