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PC MightyMax

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PC MightyMax

Over the past decade, PC MightyMax, Inc., has pioneered major developments in the registry cleaner software market. When PC MightyMax was founded in 2001, its designers incorporated the cutting-edge Microsoft-developed programming language Visual Basic 6.0. This allowed PC MightyMax to engage with the then-leading contemporary operating systems Windows 98 and 2000. The last ten years has seen PC MightyMax keep abreast of the updated technology and repair needs for all major releases of Windows operating systems. As the first within its industry to make use of the Microsoft .NET development framework, PC MightyMax, Inc.'s development team has mastered this programming tool, and the current incarnation of the software makes strategic use of additional languages, such as C++ and C#. Microsoft recognized this high standard of programming quality by issuing the certifications "Compatible with Windows 7" and "Works with Windows Vista." This high-level synergy with Windows operating systems ensures that PC MightyMax offers the best value for improving computer performance while keeping customer safety in mind. PC MightyMax includes multiple backup protocols for restoring any registry information terminated during cleaning, both with a "restore point" making use of the system restore function and a function within PC MightyMax that allows for registry cleaning to be reversed.

PC MightyMax, Inc., was among the earliest adopters of the lease-ware licensing model, which has since become a common practice in the industry. Interested customers can download certain critical features from PCMightyMax.net free of charge, including the ability to scan for registry errors and to make use of built-in functions without any restrictions. Respecting the free flow of information that has emerged as one of the essential values of the technological field over the past decade, PC MightyMax, Inc., discloses all its privacy policies online at www.pcmightymax.net.

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