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IIF Data Solutions, Inc.

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IIF Data Solutions, Inc.

In 1998, Charles Patten established IIF Data Solutions, Inc., in order to support the National Guard Bureau with its database management and force management integration. Since then, IIF Data Solutions, Inc., has expanded and now provides the military, private, and public sectors with exceptional service regarding national defense issues. While IIF Data Solutions, Inc., provides a wide range of professional services, the company focuses on domestic operations, thus allowing its professional teams to apply their superior skills to specific areas of expertise.

IIF Data Solutions, Inc., supports a comprehensive range of services including domestic operations training and consultation, logistics support services, communications security, information technology, role player support, and unmanned aircraft systems. Furthermore, the company partners with a number of well-respected organizations, including Amicus USA, Inc., Serco, General Dynamics, BDA Global, and Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

The senior leadership team at IIF Data Solutions, Inc., incorporates highly skilled and educated individuals with experience in a variety of sectors such as government, consulting, education, private industry, and law. Equally important, the cumulative experience of the company’s senior staff with U.S. Department of Defense agencies surpasses 250 years. Comprehensive area support teams staff the information technology, human resources, program management, and business and contract management departments. A high rate of employee retention follows from IIF Data Solutions’ corporate commitment to its team members. The national average turnover in the industry exceeds 25 percent per year; however, turnover at the firm is less than 10 percent. Based in Northern Virginia, IIF Data Solutions, Inc., also has offices around the United States, and its staff provides support in every state.

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