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CarePlus Skin Care

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CarePlus Skin Care

Founded in 1991, CarePlus Skin Care distributes quality skin care products worldwide. CarePlus Skin Care offers a complete skin care line comprising over 100 products, including signature serums and specialty items. For the past 20 years, the in-house chemist and production team have developed nonprescription, medically effective products that treat and improve the health and appearance of users' skin. CarePlus Skin Care uses high-quality ingredients in all of its cleansers, facial scrubs, masks, moisturizers, toners, and sunscreens. Furthermore, all corrective items contain soothing therapeutic components that promote regeneration, healing, and nourishment.

CarePlus Skin Care sells products to treat acne and skin pigmentation, along with items to rejuvenate the skin. The acne products use nonprescription fruity acids, while the skin pigmentation products contain botanical brighteners and skin lighteners. The corrective skin care line was designed to target specific skin types, ranging from oily to dry. CarePlus Skin Care also offers professional cosmetic peels and herbal enzyme exfoliants. The company’s products are designed to improve skin all over the body for both men and women of all ages. CarePlus Skin Care provides samples to professionals upon request.

CarePlus Skin Care operates out of its manufacturing facility in Southern California. The company’s dedicated staff works to educate distributors and businesses that sell or utilize CarePlus Skin Care products. To that end, CarePlus Skin Care holds showcases throughout the United States. To learn more about CarePlus Skin Care or to inquire about distribution options, visit www.careplusskin.com.

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