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Optimal Owner Care

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Optimal Owner Care

California-based Optimal Owner Care, Inc., serves its clients by teaching them how to offset the maintenance costs surrounding timeshare ownership. With a management team possessing years of experience working as managers, trainers, and service representatives at timeshare companies around the globe, Optimal Owner Care shares its firsthand knowledge of how to reap the benefits of owning a timeshare with minimal costs.

To attain what Optimal Owner Care terms “self-sufficient ownership,” individuals must rent out their timeshares as often as possible, even away from peak vacation periods, to sufficiently cover annual maintenance fees. To this end, Optimal Owner Care has developed a proprietary database that houses detailed profiles for each timeshare owner’s property. Profiles include information about deeds, maintenance fees, and typical vacation schedules so that Optimal Owner Care’s rental services team can quickly search for the timeshares that best suit their many rental requests.

As timeshare owners' rental incomes increase, they quickly earn enough profit to make up for their timeshare’s monthly maintenance fees. Optimal Owner Care also assists its clients who own point-based timeshares by showing them how to cover their own travel expenses with these points.

Optimal Owner Care prides itself on offering excellent customer service and maintains a policy of returning timeshare owners’ phone calls and e-mails within a 24-hour period. From the time that an owner starts working with Optimal Owner Care, he or she is assigned a personal point-of-contact representative to assist with account optimization, monitor or fulfill rental requests, and answer any questions that the owner might have. Call 888-684-7191 or visit OptimalOwnerCare.com to learn more about the process.