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Don Troiano

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Don Troiano

As owner of a private energy company, Don Troiano deals with challenging situations every day. In his position, Troiano oversees 45 staff members, and speaks to numerous clients. His daily tasks involve branch sales, business development, energy analysis, and customer support. Don Troiano focuses on clients’ needs, working to determine the right energy solution for the situation. Don Troiano and his staff members strive to help families by reducing energy consumption in their homes and to enhance their quality of life by lowering energy payments. In addition to private home owners, Don Troiano counsels high net worth individuals and corporate clients regarding their energy needs. Educated at Western Connecticut State University at Danbury, Troiano successfully pursued his academic career, graduating with a final grade point average of 3.6 and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Since that time, Don Troiano followed his interest in finance into energy where he seeks to improve the lives of clients through appropriate home energy solutions. In addition, Don Troiano serves as a member of three professional organizations: America's Community Energy Council, the Energy Research Foundation, and the American Association of Energy. In his spare time, Don Troiano enjoys hiking, skating, and football. A believer in the value of contributing to the local area, Don Troiano volunteers at the Center for Urban Community Services and donates to Have a Heart Children's Cancer Society and St. Jude Roman Catholic Church.

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