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Chris Hantz

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Chris Hantz

CorpInnova, Inc., President Chris Hantz assists founders and leaders of promising start-up companies in developing sustainable business models and learning the essentials of successful business operations. Chris Hantz teaches his clients that simply having a good idea does not necessarily guarantee a profitable business platform. While it provides the foundation, it must be supported through the implementation of product development, project management, customer relations, and marketing campaigns. Mr. Hantz asserts that company leaders must also devote their time to creating structures and systems that can operate without direct supervision; this frees up their time and enables them to focus on long-term business development. Objectivity is also an important element of creating a successful company. As Chris Hantz explains, entrepreneurs must test their ideas through empirical assessments, which allow them to identify effective practices and cut those that slow down the company’s progress. Scientific testing promotes the development of self-governing strategies that contribute to a more efficient business model. Finally, Chris Hantz emphasizes the importance of focus. While many entrepreneurs find themselves regularly coming up with new ideas for innovative products and want to take on as many new business opportunities as they can, Mr. Hantz notes that too many priorities can cause even the most hardworking industry leaders to fail. Rather than jumping at every exciting prospect, it is important for entrepreneurs to channel their energy and intelligence on one responsibility at a time. A superior product must be intricately developed and a loyal client base must be cultivated and appreciated. By providing the best customer service practices and creating popular products, companies and entrepreneurs will find success and profit.

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