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Silvio LoVerde

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Silvio LoVerde

An experienced produce wholesaler and supermarket proprietor, Silvio LoVerde branched out into gourmet F in 2009. He now owns and operates Orchard King Corp Specialty Gourmet in the Bensonhurst community of Brooklyn, New York, which is comprised predominantly of Italian Americans, as well as Russian, Chinese, and Latino immigrants. Specializing in foods from Italy, Greece, Spain, and other parts of Europe, Mr. LoVerde's store sells an array of cheeses, cured meats, and bread baked fresh on the premises. Customers may select from multiethnic varieties of many products, such as French, Greek, or Macedonian feta and hams from Russia or Poland. A successful start to the business enabled Silvio LoVerde to add a full-scale European-style bakery which offers a wide selection of pastries. Mr. LoVerde also owns and markets the Vucceria brand, selling prepared foods, breads, pizza, bakery goods, pasta, and sauces under the label.

In 1990, Silvio LoVerde began his entrepreneurial ventures. Along with his brother, he opened the Two Brothers Produce market, which served the New York metropolitan area and sold fruits and vegetables to food service companies, distributors, delis, and small supermarkets. His second endeavor, Circus Fruits Inc, retailed produce and grocery items to Brooklyn residents. In 2000, he expanded into the wholesale produce business, importing a variety of international products and selling to wholesalers and distributors across the United States.

A fifth-generation farmer and produce retailer, Silvio LoVerde spent his childhood in Palermo, Italy. When Italy experienced an economic downturn, his father sought better opportunities in the United States. Silvio LoVerde spent a year in the construction field, but he quickly shifted to developing a business in the produce industry, a way of life that has sustained his family for many decades.

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