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Roland Jabbour

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Roland Jabbour

Chairman of the Australian Arabic Council, Roland Jabbour founded the group in 1992. In addition to his work with the Australian Arabic Council, Roland Jabbour also functions as the Chairman of the Australian Agency for Education and Training, Chairman of the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chairman of Jabbour Holding Group of Companies. Possessing an extensive background in business and international trade, he is experienced in the areas of travel, tourism, traffic management, and international education and trading. He serves as the Managing Director of Cedar Jet Travel Group and founded the Australia Oman Business Council and Australia Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As the Chairman of Jabbour Holding Group, Roland Jabbour oversees the numerous offices in Melbourne and in the Middle East. Responsible for an array of prominent projects between the Arab region and Australia, Roland Jabbour and Jabbour Holding Group also often represent Australian academic institutions and have a presence in governmental agencies. Active in his community, Roland Jabbour stated, “We cannot live in isolation from our surrounding world and nor should we. Our environment is one that encourages us to become active, involved social participants in the advancement of Australia.” While encouraging participation in the Australian community, he also advocates for keeping cultural origins alive. He was appointed as a Board Member for the Victorian Police and Community Multicultural Advisory Council. Roland Jabbour provided service and counsel regarding prejudice against Arabs and Muslims in Australia as part of an Australian human rights and equal opportunities commission project.

Recognized for his knowledge on issues including media, politics, international relations, and multiculturalism, he often serves as a consultant with numerous government and public service organizations. In 1991, he was admitted as a member of the Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices and later was appointed as a Justice of the Peace for the State of Victoria on the recommendation of the Governor General.

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