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Nevada Corporate Headquarters

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Nevada Corporate Headquarters

Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc., assists businesses and individuals from across the country and around the world with the incorporating process in Nevada. The company offers a range of services, including office space, estate planning, and resident agent services. Business owners who contract with Nevada Corporate Headquarters can rest assured that their Nevada incorporations will proceed smoothly.

For 20 years, Nevada Corporate Headquarters has allowed its clients to take advantage of the state’s excellent business climate. In Nevada, there is no state corporate income, gift, or estate tax. The state also has a strong respect for the corporate veil: if a company incorporates in Nevada, its officers are safe from personal liability as long as they do not actively engage in fraud. Nevada allows corporate officers to reside out of state; however, non-resident companies must contract with a resident agent to incorporate in the state. Nevada Corporate Headquarters files for incorporation and provides resident agent services for the business owners based outside the state.

Through its Nevada Office Package, Nevada Corporate Headquarters offers businesses a local phone number, an answering service during regular business hours, remote access to voice mail, and meeting space. Nevada Corporate Headquarters also offers a resolutions, amendments, and minutes (RAM) service to help corporations maintain accurate and up to date records. The services provided by Nevada Corporate Headquarters allow business owners to focus on expanding their markets and improving their products while qualified consultants handle the paperwork.

In addition to standard corporate services, Nevada Corporate Headquarters also provides a full suite of financial consulting services. Clients of Nevada Corporate Headquarters can access a team of tax consultants and preparers. The company additionally offers a professional bookkeeping service to handle all aspects of payroll and accounting for clients. Nevada Corporate Headquarters even provides retirement and estate planning advice to small business owners. Consultants walk clients through the steps to hand their corporation over to successors and to divide assets upon their deaths.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters stands behind its work with a guarantee that the corporate veil of its clients’ Nevada corporations will never be pierced. Having guided more than 30,000 businesses through incorporation in Nevada, the company is confident in its ability to help new clients save money on taxes and protect personal income from corporate lawsuits. To find out more about Nevada Corporate Headquarters and the benefits of incorporating in the state, visit www.nchinc.com.

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