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Jordan Murphy

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Jordan Murphy

Jordan Murphy constantly looks for ways to improve himself. Most noticeably, Jordan has carved out an impressive resume of television. He has made his mark as a Reality TV host. His mastery of the spoken word not only translated well on such shows as NBC's For Love or Money and VH1's Tool Academy but also as a motivational speaker and coach.

While hosting primetime requires Jordan to think on his toes, he can also work off a script as well. His television appearances include CSI Miami, Better off Ted, Scrubs, Las Vegas, to name a few.

Currently, Jordan has ventured to the other side of the camera as a television producer on SCRABBLE SHOWDOWN on HUB.

Away from the set, Jordan likes to work closely with successful business owners and entrepreneurs to help them discover new ways to grow their ventures. As a founder of ROI Catalysts, Jordan wants people to appreciate the idea that if we combine effort with purpose and direction; anything is possible.

Jordan's favorite books include: Tipping Point, Think and Grow Rich, Blink, The E-Myth.

His influences include: Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie, and Malcom Gladwell

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