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Jeff Pruett

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Jeff Pruett

The Pruett family has been long devoted to West Monroe and Northeast Louisiana, providing affordable water, sewer, and garbage service to families in the area since 1953. As current President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Louisiana Land & Water Company, Inc., Jeff Pruett has dedicated his life to upholding the family legacy. Jeff Pruett received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Construction Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with minors in public finance, chemistry, and business administration. Even after he began work for his company, he continued his education at Texas A&M University and Louisiana Tech University. Mr. Pruett has earned several professional recognitions over the years, including a Level 4 Water Works Certification and a Building Official Certification. Oversight of all financial, legal, administrative, and engineering aspects of Louisiana Land & Water Company falls under Jeff Pruett’s jurisdiction, proving him an accomplished leader and businessperson. Under his management, the company has undergone a major expansion that increased balance sheet revenues from $1.75 million in 1986 to $18.5 million in 2010. Jeff Pruett has also helped Louisiana Land & Water reach significant milestones each year. In addition to providing service to families in the area, Mr. Pruett has worked to encourage development of neighborhoods in order to improve business opportunities for his company and housing availability for families. In his spare time, Jeff Pruett backs several charities. He sponsored the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries for nearly a decade and is a current donor and sponsor of the Food Bank of Louisiana. Mr. Pruett also affiliates with the Church of Christ, United New Testament Church, and Trinity Institute of Christian Counseling.

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