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Christopher McCleary

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Christopher McCleary

As Executive Chairman of Radware, Ltd., Christopher McCleary steers the company’s subscription-based computer software solutions to customers like Bloomberg, NYSE, eBay, shopping.com, Cingular/AT&T. Before leading Radware, Christopher McCleary worked as a Venture Partner with the Cincinnati’s Blue Chip Venture Company, an early-round venture capital company that has invested more than $500 million in more than 100 companies. Before joining Blue Chip, Mr. McCleary founded Evergreen Assurance, Inc., a supplier of software for companies demanding critical highly reliable Microsoft Exchange and SQL systems. Evergreen used a subscription-based delivery model to produce the most advanced proprietary disaster recovery software over a unique interface that received numerous industry accolades. Among its clients Evergreen counted the International Monetary Fund, Forbes.com, and McGraw-Hill. Prior to Evergreen, Christopher McCleary founded yet another industry transforming software company, USinternetworking, Inc. (USi), a premier creator of subscription business software, and the first company funded for the purpose of creating original subscription software strategies in lieu of the traditional license strategies. Prior to founding USi, McCleary served as Chairman and CEO of Digex, where he helped to turn Digex into the nation’s highest quality complex web site management company. McCleary crafted and oversaw the final venture capital infusion, the IPO and the sale of Digex to Intermedia Communications, Inc. As Chairman and CEO of Laux Communications, McCleary negotiated the company’s sale to Radiation Systems, Inc. He then led the Laux subsidiary to become the highest growth and revenue unit of the new company. Mr. McCleary served as Chief Financial Officer for a broadcast television subsidiary of United Cable Television in Cincinnati. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Mr. McCleary worked as vice president of business development for Texas oil, real estate investor and entrepreneur Clint Murchison, where he was responsible for securing and financing FCC licenses for UHF television stations. In addition to being named Scout Leader of the year from the regional Boys Scouts of America, McCleary has earned a HUD Partnership Award for programs he crafted with the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis


Radware, Inc.
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