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Chris Kladopoulos

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Chris Kladopoulos

Respected psychologist Chris Kladopoulos has devoted much of his career to developing hypotheses, testing them, and publishing the results in established medical and scientific journals in order to contribute to the general knowledge of his field. Chris Kladopoulos presented the papers “Assessment of the obsessive-compulsive inventory (OCI)” and “The relation between psychological and cognitive-behavioral symptoms of panic disorder” at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Yokohama, Japan. In November of 2002, Chris Kladopoulos, along with several of his esteemed colleagues, attended the annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy in Reno, Nevada, in order to discuss their findings in “Subtypes of panic disorder and associated conditions.” Additionally, Chris Kladopoulos joined with several fellow practitioners and researchers to compose and present “Obsessive-compulsive disorder: An empirical look at avoidance” at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America's annual meeting in Austin, Texas. Chris Kladopoulos has also received a number of professional certifications and held a number of positions outside of academia. These include his Child Abuse, Neglect & Maltreatment training certification, issued from the New York State Education Department; a Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training certification from the Florida Department of Education; and CITI training in research with human subjects from Capella University in Minnesota. As a dedicated member of his community,

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