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Carl Posewitz

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Carl Posewitz

Carl Posewitz currently lives in Missoula, Montana and is an architect with Paradigm V2 Architects. As president of Paradigm, Mr. Posewitz is in charge of ensuring the superior performance of his employees and also of Paradigm’s design and financial affairs. Mr. Posewitz has contributed significantly to Paradigm’s unique business model- one which focuses on customer satisfaction through the generation of exceptional and distinctive ideas. These ideas have materialized into a variety of buildings, including private residential homes, schools, museums, and medical facilities. Paradigm has also worked with local and state governments, Indian tribes, school districts, and non-profit organizations to come up with some of the most innovative and interesting architectural structures today. Effective communication with clients is one of Paradigm’s most essential business tools. It prides itself on being able to understand customer needs and desires by communicating often and efficiently until a plan of action is reached. Paradigm’s associates are trained and backed by years of experience in the architectural field. They are able to exchange ideas and thoughts with clients in a manner that both parties feel heard and validated. Paradigm believes the key to successful client-business relationships is communication and mutual understanding of each other’s capabilities and requests. For its exemplary service, Paradigm has been granted several design awards. Mr. Posewitz’s architectural savvy derives from his years of experience in the field. He attended Montana State University starting in 1981, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in architecture in 1986. He is also the chairman of the Missoula Board of Building Code appeals and the first alternate on the City of Missoula Board of Adjustments. Some of his favorite leisure activities include playing golf, listening to music, sailing, and gardening.

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