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Mark Chasan

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Mark Chasan

Praised as an innovator, visionary, strategist, and successful entrepreneur, Mark Chasan has enjoyed being at the cutting edge of the business world for over a decade. Combining his creative skills, business knowledge, legal expertise, massive contact base and proficiency in sustainability, and web development to a professional level, Chasan has founded several groundbreaking companies. Upon graduation from Western State University with his Juris Doctorate, Chasan became a Managing Partner at the law firm of Chasan & Associates, where he practiced securities, corporate, real estate and entertainment law, as well as engaging as a highly respected trial lawyer, creating Chasan & Associates. During his time with Chasan & Associates, Chasan founded Emusic 1995. As CEO, Chasan created the first company that sold downloadable music online. Emusic became a leading online retail company for music and other entertainment. Emusic was involved in a merger with Goodnoise, and at its height, the company had a market cap of $500 million. Emusic provided allowed Mark Chasan the ability to hone his skills in operations, finance, mergers & acquisitions, licensing, marketing, PR, and business development strategies, as well as digital rights licensing and sales. After Emusic, Chasan worked for IBM as an Executive Consultant of Global Services, Digital Media and Entertainment where he led successful strategies and product development. Mark Chasan shifted his direction to private-to-public hybrid equities firms. Chasan was Managing Director of Greenbridge Capital Group, Inc. and held a position as Managing Partner for Publex Ventures. Passionate about the environment and conservation, Chasan’s current firm, Transformative Capital, Inc. was founded in 2007 to provide services to sustainable and environmentally conscious companies that accelerate the achievement of their objectives. Chasan’s Transformative Capital is a strategic advisory firm focusing on renewable energy, sustainable built environment and pure food and water. Through its consulting services, Transformative helps these companies obtain the human, financial, technological and market resources they need to succeed. As CEO, Mark Chasan oversees the firm, including deal structure and implementation, financial and marketing advice, and general consulting. Chasan is also a founding member and on the advisory board of the Sustainable Business Council. The Sustainable Business Council is a non-profit forum that aims to regulate and improve sustainability for businesses. Chasan provides education, networking, and green business practices for participating companies, taking his professional goals to a level that can better the environment for future generations.

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