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Meltwater News

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Meltwater News

Meltwater News is an international company that specializes in online media monitoring. Meltwater has aided more than 11,000 of the world's most highly regarded companies and organizations, closely monitoring multiple crucial sources of notable business information published online. The online e-media monitoring company of Meltwater News was founded in Norway in 2001, and although they courted no third party financial backing, Meltwater News was able to operate without debt. With this remarkably independent start, the leadership behind Meltwater News they would soon become relentless in becoming the global leader in their field. Today, the original offices of Meltwater News have grown to 41 offices spread out through Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Since its inception, Meltwater News has grown from their incipient roots to become a worldwide leader in the field of electronic media monitoring. To this day, Meltwater News continues to exercise their proven business strategies in electronic media monitoring by offering their clients control over thousands of international sources through their services and expertise in information distribution and trend analysis. Meltwater News services are uniquely and appropriately modified for each customer, consistently and effecting delivering information to clients—even when it comes to finding obscure news clippings. Meltwater News also offers assistance to their client base in the form of expert consultants. With an understanding in the field of electronic media monitoring, these professional experts are prudently trained in analyzing the needs of time-pressed executives and decision makers. Meltwater News will always optimize their services and abilities to meet the specific needs of their clients.

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