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BRS Labs

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BRS Labs

BRS Labs is the company that presented the world the innovative video surveillance system, AISight. BRS is short for Behavior Recognition System, an outline of what their product, AISight is about. BRS Labs’ AISight literally functions around these ideas, the product from BRS Labs examines whatever behavior is seen in the camera— from people’s actions to the nature of the location, then through their intricate and progressive system, AISight records and studies how to identify and recognize frequent and atypical (potentially suspicious) behavior. With the brightest minds of BRS Labs behind AISight, the surveillance system has become the world’s most effective piece of security technology. The BRS Labs engineers have made it possible for AISight to feature a “self-learning” capability, the function of tracking multiple objects in current time, artificial intelligence, effectual indexing and search capacities, automatic indoor and outdoor adjustment components for the day and night, and the means for the surveillance system to familiarize itself to new environments. With these functions, BRS Labs’ AISight can be used to resourcefully recognize and anticipate all activity based on the previous information and knowledge recorded throughout its surveillance. The product by BRS Labs is nothing like the conventional security surveillance systems widely available. AISight’s arrangement of behaviors is not preconceived and hard-coded; rather the developers of BRS Labs have made AISight work in a quick and accurate manner, considering that the system is programmed to understand what regular activity is for the location being observed closely. From that point, AISight is able to distinguish and anticipate any irregular, suspicious activity after having studied the data. Once a suspicious object or any unusual activity is presented, AISight lets a human operator know that there is potential trouble. In being the leader in surveillance technology, the minds behind BRS Labs devised a unique computer vision that permits AISight to not only view what a camera is recording, but to also look over any visual behavior or object in the past. BRS Labs is always looking to take the next step with its surveillance technology. With AISight, BRS Labs has proven that they will always provide people the most cutting edge technology in video-surveillance.

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