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BRS Labs

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BRS Labs

Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS) Labs is a revolutionary software development company that developed an adaptive learning video surveillance algorithm called AISight. The patented software analyzes video feed and makes observations about normal behavior based on the activity in that environment. Over time, the system gathers data about moving objects that pass in front of the camera and can detect which objects are a threat and which are behaving normally, eliminating the need for a human to monitor the security cameras. BRS Labs’ technology is not pre-coded, meaning it does not require a human to delineate which behaviors are unusual or suspicious, since the software quickly learns and adapts to any environment by memorizing the usual activities of passersby. As camera surveillance becomes increasingly vital to the safety of our cities, ports, businesses, and government offices, BRS Labs’ behavioral recognition technology will become crucial to their security. BRS Labs has already made exponential steps towards creating solutions for many of the problems that plague our current systems, such as having too few people watching too many monitors linked to critical security cameras. BRS Labs was founded in 2006 for the exact purpose of changing how security would be monitored in the future. By compiling an expert team of computer-vision scientists and machine-intelligence software engineers, BRS Labs became the first company to combine video analytics with machine-learning technology and apply it to surveillance equipment, creating a breakthrough, cutting-edge software that observes, learns, and issues alerts based on its “memories” of standard objects’ activities. BRS Labs currently holds more than 16 United States-recognized patents in video surveillance software and boasts a renowned executive management team of innovators with extensive backgrounds in the security market.

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